How it all started at Rug Your Life

Felt Ball Rug Astronaut in the Galaxy

Combining Several Drawings into One Handknotted Rug

Incredible Irregular Shaped Custom Rug for Los Angeles Design Studio

Toddler Watercolour turned modern Custom Rug

Sharks and Fishes Become a Rug at our Hong Kong Children's Drawing Contest

Mirrored Peacock Handmade Custom Rug

Friends at Photo Booth custom rug

Sally Lee's Daisy the Ballerina rug

Drawing Contest Rug I

Lisbon Tiles for the terrace (as an outdoor rug)

Blue and White Tiles as a Custom Outdoor Rug

Chinese Painting Custom Rug as a Meaningful Wedding Gift

Felt Ball Colourful House Rug from a Children's Drawing

Custom Handtufted Rug Mother Sending Her Love and Kisses to Her Child

Explosion of Colours with Stephen Hornsby-Smith Custom Rug

Custom Rug from Stephen Hornsby-Smith's Nightscape painting

From Skull Tattoo to Custom Rug

If Memories were Footprints in the Sand - Custom Rug

August Macke's Garden on Lake Thun custom rug

Treasured Childhood Creation Becomes a Handmade Custom Rug

Malta is my home rug

Wine Label with a Personal Note - Custom Rug

Custom Handmade Rug Reindeers in Norway

Custom Handmade Rug for School Auction from Students' Artwork - Inspired by Kandinsky

Sally Lee's Beach rug

African Drawings Combination Custom Rug

Butterfly Children Watercolor Custom Rug

Colour Stripes custom rug

Sally Lee's Cake Thief rug

Custom Rug from Black and White Etchings

Santa Claus is Home to Stay Custom Rug

Custom Nursery Rug from a Wallpaper with Sweet Bunny and Duck

Handmade Custom Rug by Sally Lee - Covercat

Sally Lee's Flying Girl rug

Sally Lee's Fishpond rug

Sally Lee's Gray House rug

Handtufted Custom Rug Arabic Declaration of Human Rights

August Macke's Coloured Forms I Painting as a Custom Rug

Japanese Bunny for the Wall Hanging Rug

From Sketch to Rug

Custom Pop Art Bright Bubbles Rug

Custom Stylish Shop Runner Rug

Thoughtful Custom Rug as the Most Special Present for the Grandparents

Custom Handtufted Rug: Get the Moon for Me

August Macke's Coloured Composition as a Custom Handknotted Rug in Persian knots

Intermon Oxfam Refugees on the Shore Handmade Custom Rug

Irregular Shape and Circles Handmade Custom Rug

Friends in the Clouds Picture Book Children's Rug

Blue, Green Yellow Diamonds Become a Custom Store Rug

Giraffe Wallpaper as a Matching Children's Bedroom Rug

Yin Yang Energy on a Handmade Custom Rug

Custom Irregular-Shaped Purple Rug with Football

Overlapping Red and Green Circles Custom Rug

Your Child's First Handwritten Letters as a Custom Handmade Rug

Luxury Hotel in Swiss Winter Wonderland Handmade Custom Rugs

Custom Handtufted Rug designed by Comic Artist REEG: Drain with Eyeballs

Custom Handmade Rug - Butterfly Painting

Beautiful Upholstery Fabric Pattern Custom Rug

Felt Ball Ambulance Rug from a Children's Drawing