• Design & Colour Maps
    Design & Colour Maps
    First, the design map is drawn. This is a crucial step, as it will determine the final outcome quality. Drawing the map requires trespassing the design from the picture to paper the size of the final rug, calculating the proportions and distances between all design elements that will be weaved.
  • Dyeing
    Second, the wool, silk or chosen materials are dyed in the chosen colours with safe and environmentally friendly pigments from a premium Swiss company. The yarn is dyed in pots and then let dry hanging. Once it is dry, it can be used for weaving.
  • Preparing Loom
    Preparing Loom
    For handtufted rugs, the drawing from the design map will be traced onto a piece of cotton fabric the size of the final desired rug size. This will be the fabric in which the wool will be tufted. Then the tufting frame or loom is prepared and installed. A custom frame is made for each rug.
  • Start Tufting
    Start Tufting
    If the rug will be handtufted, now the tufting itself starts. This is done by punching strands of wool into the canvas with the traced design, which is stretched on the frame. Our expert weavers use a hand operated tool similar to a gun.
  • Start weaving (knotted)
    Start weaving (knotted)
    If the rug is to be hand knotted, the design will now be woven by following the design map. Often, several expert weavers will sit and work together on the rug at the same time. The rug is created by carefully knotting the right colour on the right spot of the weaving yarns.
  • Latexing
    Handtufted rugs are given a latex layer on the backside when the tufting is finished. Then a thin fabric is pasted on the latex. After that a proper latex layer is done and a thicker cotton fabric is applied on it. This is to keep the wool yarns together and provide a resistant back for the rug.
  • Embossing and Carving
    Embossing and Carving
    After weaving or tufting, the wool needs to be cut at the right length and details as carving or embossing are applied.
  • Washing & Drying
    Washing & Drying
    Finally, the carpet goes through a soft, but vigorous washing process with water and neutral detergents before being laid out to dry. Once it is completely dry, the finishing treatment is applied and the rug it is ready to be sent.