What's in a name?

Find out with your personalized felt ball rug


Design idea for custom rugs felt ball rugs names combination


Who would have thought that having your custom felt ball rug would be so easy?

And we mean really custom! You can choose absolutely anything you want on your rug.

Here we show you some ideas on how to write a name (or two!) or an initial on a handmade custom felt ball rug.

What would you write on your rug?

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Design Idea #1 - Shared room? No problem

Have two names on one rug. Here each name rests on a fluffy cloud in a blue sky with rainbow and a shiny sun

Personalized Custom Felt Ball Rugs with Two Names Iris and Matt with Rainbow, Sun and Clouds Visualization


Design Idea #2 - A Long Bedside Custom Felt Ball Rug

With Wavy Shape and Pattern and the name Thomas


Personalized Custom Felt Ball Rugs with Child's Name Thomas Waves Bedside Rug Visualization


Design Idea #3 - Monocolour Background + Multicolour Name

Colin, Anna, or any other name. Pick your colours for the background, for the name, the type of font... everything! As always, we are here to help designing the rug and matching the colours in the room or that you like best.


Custom Felt Ball Rugs Personalized With Name Anna 2

Custom Personalized Felt Ball Rug with Child's Name Anna Pink Background and Green Letters

Custom Felt Ball Rugs Personalized With Name Colin Visualization


Design Idea #4 - Initial only

For a simple, clean effect, I have always loved initials. You can get very creative with the typography too!


Custom Felt Ball Rugs Personalized With Initial Letter Visualization



Design Idea #5 - You knew this would come!

Rug Your Life is a great name after all ;-)


Personalized Custom Felt Ball Rugs with Any Name in Rainbow Colours Visualization



In this case all visualizations are for felt ball rugs. Other techniques we are happy to offer are custom handknotted rugs, custom flatweave rugs and custom handtufted rugs. Other materials that you could choose from are Chinese and bamboo silk, viscose, nettle, linen, hemp or recycled plastic bottle yarn for indoor-outdoor or all weather rugs.