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Design idea for custom rugs ocean sea theme inspired


Oceans are part of our life, whether we live next to it or miles aways. For me personally, the sea has a meditative effect of wonder.

But do we always realize how important it is? Are we aware of how we, as a civilization, are treating it? Probably not as much as we should.

On June 8th we celebrate the World's Ocean Day and we at Rug Your Life want to take part in it by retrieving inspiration from this powerful nature element.

Here are some ocean-inspired rug designs that could be modified to all your wishes and of course created from your own pictures and ideas.


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The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Artist Hokusai as a Handknotted Custom Rug

Public domain art, such as this one, can become incredible carpets. This artwork perfectly shows the power of nature, which shows in both beautiful and threatening ways at times.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa by artist Hokusai original artwork pictureThe Great Wave off Kanagawa by artist Hokusai as a handknotted custom rug


Ocean Underwater Photograph as a handknotted custom rug

What is not to love about this relaxing picture of the sea taken underwater? The sunlight coming through the soft waves, the vast dimension of the waters...

Here is the original picture (credit: unknown, internet) and the visualization as a handmade rug that we prepared with different brighter colours.


Sea Underwater Original PhotographOcean Underwater Photograph handknotted custom rug Visualization


Child's Drawing of Sandcastle at the Beach turned Handtufted Custom Rug

We found this gorgeous picture on the internet (credit to the young artist who signs as Betty Robet) and decided to show you how it could look like as a handtufted or handknotted custom rug.

You will notice that we chose to create solid colour groups and that the black outline is in a higher pile and carved, so you can see different options every time.

Do you have an image and would like to see how it would look like if we turned it into a rug?  Send it to us.


 Child's Drawing of Sandcastle at the Beach Child's Drawing of Sandcastle at the Beach custom rug Visualization


Waves Pattern in Blue Hues, combining Silk and Wool

Simplicity goes a long way. Look at how the wavy lines and the different blues become the perfect sea-inspired rug. We show you the rug visualization combining silk and wool for added elegance and texture.


 Waves Pattern Design Waves Pattern Design in Blues Custom Rug Visualization


Custom Felt Ball Rugs in Dolphin and Seahorse Shape

Dolphins, seahorses and every other animal are the perfect design for an irregular-shape custom felt ball rug. Which animal would you like to have? Let us know!



Custom Felt Ball Rug in Dolphin Shape VisualizationCustom Felt Ball Rug in Seahorse Shape Visualization

And if we combine the dolphin silhouette with the waves pattern shown previously in a rectangular custom felt ball rug, this is what we have:


Custom Rectangular Felt Ball Rug with Dolphin Visualization


Perfect Surfing Wave Picture as a Custom Handknotted Rug

If you are a surfer, you will know much better than us if this is a perfect surfing wave. But for a custom rug, it is definitely quite perfect! We love the ocean in every state. For this visualization we have changed the colours to a subtle white / grey combination.


 Perfect Surfing Wave Photograph Custom Felt Ball Rug in Seahorse Shape Visualization



All visualizations here show the edited original pictures and their rendering with actual yarn dyeing colours and with a weaving graph prepared to depict a very realistic visualization of how the rug would actually look like. Fewer or more colours have been chosen, depending on the type of design and to offer varied options. Also, all these rug visualizations would work with the most common rug sizes. That is why very detailed images like photographs need to be edited and eventually some of its details removed in order for the design to be represented as a woven rug.


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