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about us4 We at Rug Your Life want to celebrate your memories and your personality by transforming it into handwoven masterpieces.

We want you to have so much more than beautiful rugs. We want you to have your own bespoke rugs that show who you are, what is meaningful to you and what makes your life yours and your home yours.

We want to make the important visible, tangible and part of your daily life as a handmade custom rug.

We want to give you the gift of truly feeling home in your home;

the gift of connecting the floors you walk, sit and lay on with what matters to you;

the gift of reflecting who you are individually or as a family.


Each order is very special and dear to us. We know it is for you too. This is why we give our outmost dedication, attention to each detail and respect to the skilled craftmanship that has been inherited from generations since the ancient times.

We like to keep you updated with pictures of the production process as your bespoke rug is made, from the dyeing of the yarn to the washing of the rug and everything in between.

Rug Your Life was created (as Carpetzz first) at the same time as our founder Nayla Ventura’s daughter was born, and it all began with a rug she made for her baby’s nursery from a painting her husband had drawn as a child. Having this personal connection with the company makes our customers’ stories and our mission even more meaningful to us.

After living in several countries and moving house quite a few times, we know how challenging it can be to know what to call home. Our goal is to help you make your home yours, no matter where you live.

We feel incredibly honoured that you trust us to create such a personal carpet.

As you can see, this really is more about you than about us.

Let’s get personal, let’s weave about you.